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While you might be attracted to our chia seeds by our low prices, it's the quality of our chia seeds that will keep you coming back.

We've been selling chia seeds for years and we sell only the highest quality chia seeds that are free of pesticides and heavy metals. You'll get the superior nutrition of chia seeds without any unnatural chemicals.

Our interest in Chia Seeds started with a trip to Mexico in the 1990s.
This was our initial introduction to the natural benefits of chia seeds. Since then, we've cultivated great relationships with growers we trust to supply the highest-quality chia seeds. Having purchased tons of chia seeds over the years, we can attest that not all chia seed is of the same quality. We only do business with growers we know and trust. And, we recommend you apply the same standards for your purchase of chia seeds.

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All prices include fast and free shipping (domestic orders only). Our shipping rates for Canada and to all international countries are very reasonable and we don't add any silly handling charges.

How Can We Sell Chia Seeds at Such Low Prices?
We started selling chia seeds 15 years ago and have great relationships with growers of high quality chia seeds. Chia Seeds are the only product we sell!