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White Chia Seeds, 20 lb., Limited Supply!

White Chia Seeds, 20 lb., Limited Supply!

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Packed in one bulk bag (no charge) or eight 2.5lb bags (+$6.99)

Chia Seeds, Superfood Nutrition!
A rich supply of essential Omega-3 acids, protein and antioxidants.

Chia Seeds are a powerhouse nutritional food!

  • Benefits superior to flax seeds.
  • Naturally rich in antioxidants.
  • Very mild flavor (no fishy taste like other foods high in Omega-3 acids).
  • Extremely rich in Omega-3 acids.
  • Very good source of fiber and magnesium.
  • Raw, low in sodium and cholesterol-free.
  • Organically grown without pesticides and cleaned without chemicals.
  • Long shelf-life (up to 36 months)
  • High in Protein (provides all of the eight essential amino acids).

You can understand why many consider Chia Seeds from as Nature's Perfect Food.

Chia seeds typically contain about 20 percent protein, 30 percent fat and 40 percent carbohydrates. The fat in chia seeds contain a very high concentration (about 61%) of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Chia Seeds are the highest known whole-food source of Omega-3 acids. These acids promote cardiovascular and mental health and benefit many body functions.

Chia originated in Mexico and now grow in Mexico and in Central and South Americas.

Chia seeds are mild tasting and easily digestible. The shells are easily broken and can be swallowed whole.

Chia won't alter the taste of foods when it's used as an ingredient. It can be sprinkled on cereal or eaten as a snack. Grinding chia produces a meal called pinole, which can be mixed with flour into baked goods like biscuits, cakes and breads.

Benefits of Chia Seeds

High In Omega-3 Acids. Chia seed has higher levels of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) than flax seed. ALA is an essential acid because it is not produced by the body. In fact, chia seeds have the highest known whole-food source levels of Omega-3 acids, as measured by percent of weight.

Rich In Antioxidants. Chia is a great natural source of antioxidants, including chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, myricetin, quercetin and flavonols.

Full of Important Nutrients. Chia is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and copper. Chia contains six times more iron than spinach.

Low In Sodium and Cholesterol-Free. Chia contains less than half the sodium of flax seed, per serving. This is important to those with high blood pressure and concerned about sodium intake. As a plant-based source of Omega-3, chia seed is cholesterol-free.

Promotes Hydration. Chia soaks up water and this promotes hydration and electrolytes retention.

Helps in Weight Loss. Chia is very filling. As more Chia is eaten, there's less room for fattening foods.

Good Source of Fiber. Chia is about 40 percent fiber. A daily serving of chia seeds contains about 11 grams of fiber. About five percent of this fiber is soluble, which can help reduce cholesterol.

Builds Endurance. The Mayan word for Chia is strength. Chia builds stamina and endurance because it steadily releases slow-burning glucose into the bloodstream.

Gluten-Free. The protein in chia seed is gluten free. Chia seeds are also nonallergenic.

Provides All Essential Amino Acids. Chia provides all eight essential amino acids. Since essential amino acids are not produced by the body, it's important to get amino acids from nutrient-rich sources like chia seeds. The amino acid leucine is abundant in chia seeds. Research suggests leucine may help regulate blood sugar levels and aid in muscle recovery after exercise.

Stays Fresh. Unlike flax seed, chia seed stays fresh for extended periods of time. Chia seeds stay fresh for 24-36 months when stored in proper conditions (cool and dry).

We Sell Superior Quality Chia Seed sells only the highest-quality chia seed. There are several important factors which contribute to the superior quality of our chia seed.

Most Nutritious Variety. Our chia seed is the variety Salvia hispanica, which provides more Omega-3 fatty acids than any other chia variety. It is nature's best source of Omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

Grown in Cool Temperatures at High Altitude. Studies suggest the most nutritious chia seed is grown in cool temperatures and high altitude. chia seed is grown in mountainous central Mexico at the cool elevation of 5,100-ft.

Chemical-Free Processing. Our chia seeds are cleaned without the use of chemicals. And no pesticides or chemicals are used to grown our chia seeds.

Supplement Facts 
Serving size: 28g (two tablespoons)
Servings Per Pound: 16

Amount Per Serving:
Calories: 138
Total Fat: 9g [Alpha-Linolenic Acid (omega-3) 5.5g, Linoleic Acid (omega-6) 1.8g, Oleic Acid (monounsaturated) 0.7g]
Cholesterol: 0g
Sodium: 0.5mg
Total Carbohydrate: 12g
Fiber: 11g [Insoluble Fiber 10g, Soluble Fiber 1g]
Sugars: 0g
Protein: 4g

Calcium: 176mg
Iron: 5mg
Magnesium: 130mg
Phosphorus: 265mg
Potassium: 45mg
Zinc: 1mg

Ingredients: White Chia Seeds

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How Can We Sell Chia Seeds at Such Low Prices?
We started selling chia seeds 15 years ago and have great relationships with growers of high quality chia seeds. Chia Seeds are the only product we sell!

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